A wild dragon (Sasunaru)

A wild dragon (Sasunaru)

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kurokaito By kurokaito Updated Apr 01, 2017

sasuke lives in a world where dragons are hunted for status, power and prove, meat and bones to force weapons and armors. sasuke is a famed dragonslayer, but what happens when he finds a dragon who turns into a human? can all dragons do that? has he been killing humanlike creatures?
conflicted makes a mind vurnable for several things. can the dragon he find bring him to other thoughts? or will he just kill him like any other.


those who like, have fun reading

disclaim: i don't own the names or the looks of the naruto characters. but the personality's are mostly mine

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                              I just felt the need to say that when it said “shadow slayer” if you other fairy tail lovers catch my drift~
NarutoYaoiROCK NarutoYaoiROCK Apr 01, 2017
I will look forward this new story, I know you changed your story :3 Can't wait for next chapter ~
so whem they have a bithday they also grow an eye? sounds cool
SexyKenu SexyKenu Jun 29, 2016
Love the different take about dragons. It's like a breath of fresh air from the normal sasunaru stories.  Thank you for being different.
CrazyRoleplayKitty CrazyRoleplayKitty Apr 20, 2016
It sounds like a good story
                              But he slays dragons
                              And I like dragons,
                              So if he ends up being, or a lot like, an a$$hole, I'm probably gonna hold a grudge lol
moonlightsuga_ moonlightsuga_ Jan 13, 2017
So I have a question.. is Naruto a FULL ON DRAGON!!? Or is he like a human with dragon wings or something