Cyberbots- Transformers Prime Fan-Fiction

Cyberbots- Transformers Prime Fan-Fiction

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AutobotNinja By AutobotNinja Updated Dec 10, 2012

[Story in progress]

Two Autobots crash-land on Earth, needing the rescue of the Autobots there. At the crash-site, they immediately can tell that they were strange robots... especially a particular, green-cladded girl-bot. Electride is as annoying as anyone can get. She follows her partner Steamblade like a puppy, and is constantly getting on the Autobots' nerves- specifically Ratchet's.

Miko's one year younger sister is coming to America from Tokyo- which isn't good news. Not at all. Keiko Nakadai is possibly the most nosiest little girl in the world. It was only a matter of time until she found out about Miko's relationship with the Autobots.

Things are already stressful enough for the Autobots with all these new arrivals, one after another. But when a family feud gets into Steamblade's way, the Autobots will have to do anything to keep the situation together- even though it was out of hand in the first place.