Justin Bieber Interracial Preferences

Justin Bieber Interracial Preferences

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Time_up By Time_up Updated Apr 01, 2016

Y/N P. O. V 

You and Justin have been friends for a long while and you've never guess he liked you. 

He has been nice to you but you were just guessing it was because you guys were friends. 

You were happy to go with him though. He was nice, funny, cool and lets not forget hot oh my gosh he was smoking hot. 

"Hurry up Brandy" you told your friend who was taking forever to do your hair. 

"Don't rush me " she said then brushing your hair harshly. 

" You don't have to pull it like that " you told her. 

" If your hair wasn't so hard maybe I won't." she said then pulling it again.

She wasn't telling a lie your hair was really hard and you weren't planning on straightening it you liked it the way it was. 

"I don't know why you don't straighten it? " Brandy asked after pulling another piece. I bet all the girls Justin's been with hair was soft. 

" Well he's never been with a black girl " I said." Just comb my hair"I told Brandy.

She mumbled then put my hair into the most beautiful ...

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KayKayBVB KayKayBVB Aug 27, 2015
Yeah she might be showing but if Justin asks her if she's pregnant she'd fück him up or at least I would
KaySheona_13 KaySheona_13 Jun 10, 2015
Tf?! How can you possibly be six f*cking months pregnant and not tell him! Matter of fact how the hell didn't he notice?! I'm so done.
ThatCrazyBelieber ThatCrazyBelieber Mar 25, 2015
At 6 months she would be showing a lot and they would've noticed a while ago....