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Tokyo ghoul one shots |reader x various|

Tokyo ghoul one shots |reader x various|

59.9K Reads 1.4K Votes 15 Part Story
レキシー By Lexxidoe Updated Oct 02, 2015

Requests are open :)

ZasiiLovesYouu ZasiiLovesYouu Feb 17, 2016
Jealous!Shu x Shy!Reader they meet at a flowershop where Shy!Reader is working at~
IveGoneCompletelyMad IveGoneCompletelyMad Sep 09, 2016
May I request a Yandere Uta x Human reader please? The reader getting Stockholm syndrome in the end and loving him. Thank you :)
AALG2924 AALG2924 May 15, 2016
Can you do a Tsukiyama X reader based on when he gets depressed?
Touka X Female!Reader *shrugs* reader-chan is getting hunted by a ghoul in an alleyway and Touka comes to save reader-chan,but realizes reader-chan is hurt very bad and brings her back to Antieku and fixes her up letting reader-chan sleep in toukas bed.
_piercethefloyd_ _piercethefloyd_ May 14, 2016
Can you do a Jealous!Ayato X ghoul!reader set at Aogiri Tree where Kaneki is trying to comfort you after a particularly hard fight with the CCG and Ayato gets jealous, whether he is the loud jealous type or the sulk in silence type can be up to you:)
LiliasCraven LiliasCraven May 03, 2016
can you do a yandere!ayato x human!reader?  One where the reader wants peace between humans and ghouls and hates both the ccg and aogiri tree