Becoming Girly (spin-off to Becoming Popular)

Becoming Girly (spin-off to Becoming Popular)

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Ramona G. By Mona-Mae Updated Apr 08

Holly Andrews is in love with her best friend, Toby. Except, Toby's in love too. Only, it's not with Holly. When Holly accidentally gives Toby a letter, confessing her true feelings, she didn't realise just how much her life would be spiralling out of control. In a desperate attempt to prove that she's over Toby, Holly kisses the first person she sees. Axel Hunt. Notorious for dating every girl on the cheer squad, Axel is the last person Holly would dream of kissing. Except, when Axel offers to help Holly to prove she's done with Toby, in return that she helps him make his ex jealous, it's an offer too irresistable to pass up. Holly soon finds herself becoming the girl she's always mocked. With a new attitude, and blooming friendships, Holly learns what it means to become girly. But what Holly wasn't expecting was to fall in love all over again.

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OK so im not even on this chapter anymore and you guys might think I'm crazy but how do you pronounce his last name summer is it like sue-mer or suh-mer   because I'm lost here 😂😂😂
And I love that this is about Holy and Juliet's little brother I can't remember his name but 😍
This story reminds me of to all the boy's I've loved before by Jenny han
Awww holly is all grown up. I still picture her as this innocent, carefree angel
well I hate Georgia now, although I have no idea who she is 😂
omg this is literally the same as becoming popular!! 🙄😂💖👌