Black butler texting!

Black butler texting!

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Scandalfans By Scandalfans Updated Sep 05, 2015

(Teaismybae Joined The Chat)

(Devilishbutler Joined The Chat)

    Teaismybae: Where is my tea Sebastian?!!

   Devilishbutler: It'll be coming soon Young Master

   Teaismybae: Well, it better come fast cuz im waiting!


  (Theawesomegardener Joined The Chat)

  Theawesomegardener: SEBASTIAN!!! I think i did something wrong!

  Devilishbutler: what did you do?

  Theawesomegardener: the roses looked like they were going to bloom so i got the heater i put in the rose garden!

  Devilishbutler: And....

 Theawesomegardener: THE ROSES BURNT!! :(

 Devilishbutler: ........

 Teaismybae: YOU BURNT THE ROSES?!?!

 Theawesomegardener: Im sorry young master!! Please dont punish me!

 Teaismybae: I wont it was only an accident

 Theawesomegardener: YAY!!

 (Theawesomegardener Left The Chat)

 (Clumsymeymey Joined The Chat)

 Clumsymeymey: young master!!

 Teaismybae: WHAT?!

 Clumsymeymey: i broke the china's!!!

 Teaismybae: Sebastian! Go clean up the broken china's!

 Devilishbutler: Ye...

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🎵🎶🎤"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn!That's alright because I love the way it hurts!
                                 Just gonna stand there and here me cry! That's alright because I love the way you lie. I love you lie."🎵🎶🎶🎤