His Personal Assistant  [COMPLETE]

His Personal Assistant [COMPLETE]

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"You heard too much, and know too much. This isn't good." He said coldly. His tone of voice frightened me. He started to take steps towards me.

"What why? I heard nothing." I said shakily, not liking where this was going as my feet took small steps back.

"Because anyone that knows too much.....ends up dead." He whispered as my back hit my desk.
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Okay okay tell me ur secret how do you remember so much????? I just read Julius Caesar in April and I don't remember anything except for his friend killed him by stabbing him
1AMLoser 1AMLoser Jun 06
I thought of Max from the maximum ride serious 😂 She always called people that
BrendaBrady BrendaBrady Jan 29
Yet to wait for the reason for employing men. Wait a minute is she the first woman
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Um why is her name Eliot? It sound like a name for a dude no offense or anything intended.