Catch, Curse, Release (Immortal Warriors #1) ✅ Completed

Catch, Curse, Release (Immortal Warriors #1) ✅ Completed

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Lori Mayer is failing out of law school (again), her boyfriend just ran off with her best study partner (she was really going to miss Karl - he took great notes), and she's all out of coffee. However bleak everything seems now, she'll soon discover life can get a whole lot crazier when she meets a drop-dead gorgeous love god named Des who's determined to change her life. 

Before she can blink, Lori is sent to a whole different world - a place where cell phones don't exist and her iPad is about as useful as a frisbee. A place where hot immortals, savage werewolves, and everything else under the sun runs wild. In this place of warrior kings and sword-wielding guards she will come face-to-face with her soul-mate, but can Lori resist her attraction to Eric McKenna, the ridiculously sexy king of the immortals, and return to her own world, where everything makes sense and places like Wolfgard only exist in books?  

Not if Des has anything to do with it. He may be cursed to help mortal women find their true loves but it's his game, and in this game of hearts only one thing matters: Sealing the deal.   

Lori Mayer doesn't stand a chance. 

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