Silver Satin (Book Two)

Silver Satin (Book Two)

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Opal Lynn Abernathy By OpalLynnAbernathy Completed

17 years earlier Sophie Metzger and Charlee Blackstone gave birth. Sophie to the Savior and Charlee to the Protector. Neither knowing just how important and powerful the duo would be. 

17 years later, Sophie's daughter Eden and Charlee's son Lucas, are being trained to fight and kill Julianne. But underneath their bad-ass exteriors, is a typical teenage interior. 

Eden has been trained since birth to be ready for the epic showdown that is prophesied to happen between her and Julianne, but what she wasnt trained for was the feelings she would require for her best friend, her Guardian and Protector, and the tall dark and handsome Bio Teacher that makes her body hum. 

In the end, Eden has to juggle, an overprotective best friend who is in love with her, a Bio Teacher that is more complex than a rubix cube and has more secrets than a desperate housewife, erotic dreams involving silver satin sheets, and the responsibility of saving the supernatural world. No pressure, right?

gypsiroze gypsiroze Dec 15, 2016
Looks like Eden is going to repeat her mothers school day falling for her teachers and screwing up her destiny and Lucas life
HopeInMusic_OLD_ HopeInMusic_OLD_ Jun 07, 2013
Wow, nice description! I literally opened it up and couldn't stop! ^_^