《Forget Me Not》A The Devil is a Part Timer Fan Fiction {Lucifer/Urushihara x Reader OC}

《Forget Me Not》A The Devil is a Part Timer Fan Fiction {Lucifer/Urushihara x Reader OC}

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❀Claire By wandering-wings Updated Aug 24, 2015

The way she smiled; friendly and understanding. But best of all:

It never changed.
Not everything is as it seems.

A girl by the name of Hikari Suta is found just outside MgRonalds, claiming to have amnesia. But, she is not for the purposes the Maou household expects. She isn’t even from this world!

Yes, Hikari, or Alina as she is formerly known, is from Ente Isla. She’s on a mission, and refuses to come back to her world unsuccessful.

The mission is simple enough; get information on the Dark Lord and his generals, and report back to the Church. This would be easier, if there wasn’t a small obstacle, by the name of Lucifer.

The fallen angel seems to somehow have a connection to Hikari, and despite her protests, he can’t shake off this feeling about her. Her voice, her eyes, her hair, all so familiar...if only he knew her true identity.

Fallen, but he hasn't let go of the thread to their connection. Flying high, yet she holds a firm grip on the thread. Two worlds that were never meant to collide. And yet they do. Two opposites, once so close, now separated by their own fears.

This is going to be more complicated than Hikari Suta could have ever predicted.

Once, there was a storm, in the form of a boy.

It blew my world away.

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