Daddy's Little Kitten [DDlg story]

Daddy's Little Kitten [DDlg story]

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Little Kitten By 0z0lithium0z0 Completed

Emma is an outgoing, young, carefree "little". Now 19, she has been on the outskirts of cities, towns, and states, not really settling down. She's trying to find a place to stay, but none of the Doms she has been with seem to work for her. She finally decides to check out this "Upper Room" that everyone is commenting about on her tumblr page. What is all the fuss about?

Mateus is nearly the same. He enjoys to travel, and likes to "have a good time," but he is very serious when it comes to his work. Normally, he keeps to himself, and works in the comfort of his home as an proof-reader and editor for the AKL Hospital in New York City. He retypes unedited documents and types the audio recordings of important meetings. He should be enjoying his life, but he can't hinder the feeling of loneliness in his life. So, one of his friends suggests this "Upper Room" near his home, and says he really needs to find another little. However, Mateus is unsure because he has been wounded by other girls before.

What will happen when their worlds collide?

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IIDracoMalfoyII IIDracoMalfoyII Dec 20, 2017
                              Belle played by emma watson the girl who is currently watching the movie is named emma WTF?!?
SerialKillersLikeMe SerialKillersLikeMe Aug 17, 2017
Oh my glob I love that movie!!!!!!! Although my favourite Disney princess movie is without a doubt Aladdin lol...but oh my glob I LOVE Beauty and the Beast, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH 😍😍
Zgyrl03 Zgyrl03 Aug 06, 2017
Me too! *pulls out phone* *orders pizza*
                              O-oh you wern't think that?
Lonely_Though Lonely_Though Sep 07, 2017
I like Little Mermaid! Cuz I like mermaids! Well no, I looooooove mermaids!
Lonely_Though Lonely_Though Sep 07, 2017
Dear god! Thank you! These stories never focus on the importance of the fact that it's just like a regular relationship!
_vxrgo _vxrgo Apr 07, 2017
I had my teddy bear who was destroyed when I bit it named Mr. Fluffy Pie.