Delusive Play [Akashi Seijuurou x OC]

Delusive Play [Akashi Seijuurou x OC]

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hxrxkx By kisekiyukira Updated Jun 09, 2017

[Akashi Seijuurou x OC]

She was neither known nor loved,
But she was born as a loving person

Until her presence was caught by a pair of
malignant eyes,
Mismatch eyes that bore to someone's future

He thought she resembled someone that he held
Looking at her made his scars reopen to bleed
once again

By the time she was noticed by the Majesty,
There was no escape route for her

For she was going to be one of the pieces,
Like the one on his shougi board

After all,
She was just his plaything,
A toy to cease the Majesty's boredom

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WaitingForUpdates WaitingForUpdates Nov 03, 2016
Great start! If this was a trailer or something it would be AMAZING.
Nekuru Nekuru Sep 09, 2016
Ohohohoho, you got some eye catching prologue there author-san (-w-)
viviaaans viviaaans Dec 19, 2015
A-Authour-sama, you've got some awesome story there! ❤❤❤
                              I hope you could update soon 😊 
MatchMaker143 MatchMaker143 Apr 01, 2015
I wanna cry! But sadly I can't stupid tears won't come out of my eyes...
JustImagineXxX JustImagineXxX Feb 28, 2015
I gaped xD I- this- I am truly amazed.I-me-I can't even speak properly.
kisekiyukira kisekiyukira Feb 07, 2015
@akashi_ryuuki what so cool about it ? your's cooler XD puhlease