Her Identity [On Hold]

Her Identity [On Hold]

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H I M E By yastrawberry Updated Apr 17, 2013

A girl who has an identity that made her life change. but she quit on her OLD IDENTITY because of a certain reason that she don't want that thing to bring up again. it's in her PAST already.But not until someone from her past is still looking for her to make a revenge on  what she did before .. can she still escape from these all things? or will she faced it all with all her might?.

ano daw yung pinagsasabi ko sa taas? bwahahaha. wala sa katinuan while itinatype ko yan! kaya sorry sa grammar! haha.

don't expect too much in this story po .. it just came up in my crap brain .. hohoho~

yastrawberry yastrawberry Dec 27, 2012
@bitternessdotcom ehehe. yup! np :)  magbibigay ako ng SC ng stories ko if matapos na ^___^
yastrawberry yastrawberry Dec 11, 2012
@iamynniie21 hahaha. pag natapos na ohy. thanks momsiie ^___^
iamynniie21 iamynniie21 Dec 09, 2012
waaaa. ang SC nak! :) i'm waiting! hehehe interesting lage ni. hehehe =))
yastrawberry yastrawberry Dec 02, 2012
waaaa! maraming thnx @shimmer0611 loveyou na teee! di ko rin alam (_ _") but thnx. hope you'll support this story and my other story po ^_____^