Kaneki Ken x Reader!

Kaneki Ken x Reader!

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Mariel By h-a-i-s-e Updated May 26, 2017

Kaneki Ken,
Kamii University,
One-Eyed Ghoul.

Sasaki Haise,
CCG Rank One Investigator,
Quinx Leader,
Quinx Team.

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I only own the stories!
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hhoneybear hhoneybear Mar 09
Crybaby sweater, black beanie, black ripped jeans, black vans :))
denkichagrbolt denkichagrbolt Sep 28, 2016
I legit wear glasses in real life and I like them and don't like them. Ya know?
KawaiiSakura10 KawaiiSakura10 Dec 16, 2016
A style? Black shorts. AoT hoodie, black converse, and 
                              Anime and chill t-shirt...
                              What I wear that kind of stuff.
                              Also classy things too
KonaKona666 KonaKona666 Sep 29, 2016
You need to edit it if you want it to be readable...  Also the qliche "u like this I like this to. OK. Let's be together. "
-sweettae -sweettae Aug 03, 2016
Style? Okay! *grabs ripped jeans, a tokyo ghoul hoodie, and black converse* done!
iloaffood iloaffood Jul 16
ayo how she know i got glasses and that i always cook bacon and eggs for breakfast?