Lying Protector (Tokyo Ghoul fanfic)

Lying Protector (Tokyo Ghoul fanfic)

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Trufflerabbit13 By Trufflerabbit13 Updated May 07, 2015

I didn't belong to neither of the groups...

I wasn't a human... I wasn't a ghoul....

But I was something that had the two combined together. 

I'm alone.

I'm different.

I'm hunted....

And I will protect....


The cover is made by skyestorms, amazing job as always!!!

Copyright © 2015

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mintkookie mintkookie Jun 16, 2016
@Kittyclawgal @AJally0117 @Artistic_Rainbow @KawaiiPanda201 u guys NEED to read this fanfic!!! It's awesome!!! (>H<)
deepllamalove deepllamalove Nov 26, 2016
In every fanfiction the girls are tall 
                              Why can't they be short
FramedAsTheInnocent FramedAsTheInnocent Dec 16, 2015
Theoretically, yeah. It actually is. Even if she was just a regular ghoul.
FramedAsTheInnocent FramedAsTheInnocent Dec 16, 2015
Hmm, Black Fox. Kuro Kitsune. Both have a nice ring to them, I like it.
mavissummer mavissummer Jul 19, 2015
@Trufflerabbit13 found another good story to read from you. ^^
xAquax347 xAquax347 Jun 18, 2015
She's a whaaaaaat? And starting the Tokyo ghoul fan fic today! YAAAAAS if I don't leave comments it's because I'm reading lol