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Kaylynn By TheSilentWriter23 Updated Sep 23, 2016

Kaia Winters is what you'd call a recluse. 

Literally, her picture is next to it in the Webster Dictionary. 

Although she isn't a stunner in the looks department, her genuine personality and donut boxers get her the real friends she needs. 

So when these friends are out partying and hooking up with boys, Kaia is doing what she does best; hanging out in her apartment, devouring a tub of chocolate ice cream, and watching stupid chick flicks. 

But when a pack of Sour Patch Kids with an interesting note are left at her doorstep, she starts her roller coaster ride of falling in love. 

As she falls in love, Kaia realizes not everything is like in the movies. That not everyone gets the happy endings, everyone has secrets, and relationships are hard. 

Who ever said falling in love was easy?


[Cover made by @vampettintherain]

_KyloRen _KyloRen Apr 01
i have found two characters that are just as awkward as i am and i'm super happy now
_theult _theult Jan 04
Wait why the all caps tho I imagine a boy screaming this at her and I'm like chill
savvv1987 savvv1987 Dec 05, 2016
*sits on bed pumping fist in the air why screaming make baby's* I have to many OTP's it's not even funny anymore
supercomicals supercomicals May 18, 2015
That's truee! 
                              I mean, nothing is easy! You know, I'm wondering why teachers give us homework when we work more in school an teachers actually SEE what we're doing.
lexbugplus5 lexbugplus5 Apr 01, 2015
This story was really great! Congratulations on your win! I'll keep a lookout for the novel. 
Phils_Eye_Lash_ Phils_Eye_Lash_ Mar 19, 2015
0o0! You have my name! And it's spelled the same way!! That's awesome!!!!!!!!! Ok....... I'll restart professionally........ Hello Kaylynn I'm Kaylynn nice to meet you!