Hey, I'm Emma! I never really thought I was fat until this really mean shop assistant said so. Now my best friend is going off with the mean girl who is so skinny that she could become a model. Actually, she might! Ugh, I just wish...I dunno, I wish I was perfect.
I like your writing style, and I can tell already that this is going to be a nice story.  Voted!
@KatyStClare Tut tut! You won't get anywhere with that negative attitude!! Look on the possitive side: It's worth a shot!! And even if you don't win, you will have still achieved something! YAY!! :D XD
@KatyStClare Ohmydays, I just noticed that you've entered the Watty Awards 2011!! I'm totally going to help you get more readers to help you with that!! :D XD
@KatyStClare Yeah, they rule :D and yeah, that's probably why :/ 
                                    I'll definitely dedicate a chapter to you... but it won't be straight away because I've got so many people I owe chapter dedications to... :/
I like it :D 
                                    But if I'm going to be absolutely critical.. it didn't really draw me in at the beginning. I mean it did, just not a heck of a lot. But then when it got into the whole 'am i fat' thing, I was glued to my computer screen. :D 
                                    Emma sounds like a pretty cool character too :) 
Hey, so I agreed that I'd read your story, and I thought it was only fair seeing as you were reading mine! So here I am! Now I should probably get on with reading.... XD