Like Minds • jb

Like Minds • jb

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Lily and Justin are back but this time they're older, smarter and richer. 

The pair meet again the day before Lily's graduation, but with certain arrangements before hand... Will things work out like they should have? 

For better or for worse. 


[Will contain strong language, drug abuse, sexual content. Read at your own risk. None of the views stated in the book reflect mine, it's purely for the sake of the story. Don't message me complaining about something you read- suck it up!]

God catch me alone with a rook with Justin and so may things will happen
bizzlebeballinnn bizzlebeballinnn 6 days ago
LMFAOOODJAODISJ "but yall aint sh¡t" I WOULD SO DO THAT IM DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
didn't he buy an apartment for that reason to NOT go to hotels like tf????
Caranator Caranator Jul 23
I got Justin Timberlake vibes. His latest tour that was actually put on Netflix he was wearing a suit.