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Sabrina Reed is Nathan Alden's unwanted wife.

"I found her like this sir."

Sabrina's eyes slowly open. She rubs them trying getting out the blur. 

"What are doing out here Sabrina?" 

She sits up and it begins coming back to her now. 

Nathan jaw is clenched as he spoke again. 
"What are you doing out here?" He was wearing a jet black suit and white shirt. A line formed between his brows and he folded his arms. 

"I came back late last night, and the guard was gone so, I just kinda fell asleep."

Nathan dismisses his guard with a nod of his head and glares at her suspiciously. "Where were you last night?"  

Sabrina rubs her eyes and yarns.
"I've been volunteering at the animal shelter."

"Get up." He orders.

"You expect me to believe that? Don't animal shelters close at a decent time?" 

Her legs were sore so she hesitated moving. "Yes but.." 

"Get up!" He barks."


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gehssiie gehssiie Nov 22
Y didn't she have a phone😕😕😕😕😕😕😦😦😦
PaKpatty PaKpatty Aug 21
Gurl there r so many things you could do.
                              1. Create a meme account on IG.
                              2. Make an alternate persona and make videos.
                              3. Watch k-dramas and k-pop.
                              4. Read a wattpad book
                              The possibilities are endless
                              I was an only child for about 9 months (my older brother died 9 months before my younger brother was born, he'd have been 25 this year)
krys93 krys93 Mar 14
Im sorry to hear ur dying but that would never work on me if my dad said that so I can marry a stranger
tvd1985 tvd1985 Feb 12
It repeats the same words over again.....but it is very interesting story :)
ZAaali ZAaali Mar 19
Why the guy married her?  Still a guy with so many crappy women around him, is crap.  Waste of life