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Nicole Lee By Himenoki Updated Apr 22, 2017

"Let me tell you something. Death is just the beginning. Beyond death, there's more pain and suffering than there is right now. A knife is nothing more than a tool. It can be used as simply as an assassination tool or any type of tool. It doesn't serve just one purpose. With the blood running down my arm, it serves more than just one job. Everything has more than one meaning. The only true goal we have is to find what we are and what we are supposed to do with our own lives. This wound on my arms means nothing. The pain may sting, but that pain also has another meaning. It gives me more than just a fair test. It gives me more curiosity to find what I want. You have a purpose. The pains that you have felt your whole life make you who you are. Life wasn't given to us just so we could take it from ourselves at anytime we wish. It was given to us with a purpose to find our own purposes." 

Although he said that, Jaison soon found that life was just as he had described it. Though, he has to repent for the sin he committed and he has no saying of it in the matter.

Sixteen year old Nina has has never believed in spirits or other worlds. Now she just doesn't know what to think of it. Faced with challenges of having to move from her home, she looks for a way to fit in. Though, the world doesn't seem of agree with her ways anymore.

They say that curiosity killed that cat. But in Jaison's case, it's the opposite. Curiosity made the cat.

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