Destroyer of time_Book one: Pyrokinesis

Destroyer of time_Book one: Pyrokinesis

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Leox By LeoxNeoxford Updated Jul 06, 2011

Money, fame, good looks, Hunter Pendigram has it all. Except parents. He grew up with only a father that couldn't care less about him. Nick, his best friend and a son of tycoon moguls, walks the same line that he does. They grew up without parents and they were fine with it. Or so they would like to think.

Then everything took a turn. People he had never seen in his life started showing up and most of them wanted to harm him. The life he thought he knew suddenly became completely different. He found himself in the middle of war and he had no clue what to do. Only that the mysterious girl he met in a club one night is back in town and she is more than what he thought she was. 

But out of everything, there was one thing he discovered that completely changed his life. He found out his has an ability. A superpower. The only thing was, he's not sure if he's playing on the good  side or the bad side. He only know that he wants to protect those that are important to him. Even his father. 

Would he make the right choices and save everyone or would his life and the lives of those he loves end up disappearing as the darkness settle in their town?