Ask Sherlock!

Ask Sherlock!

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❝Get out! I need to go to
my mind palace.❞

-- Sherlock Holmes

In which I provide you with my own interpretation of Sherlock Holmes by answering your questions.

and no longer
taking requests]

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WatsonTheHobbit WatsonTheHobbit Feb 08, 2015
XD WAHAHAHAHA lol Sherlock goes on and on about posibilities instead of answering XD Once a Sherlock, always a Sherlock ;D hehe XD I loved it, thank you for writing!! :)
hurgles hurgles Feb 08, 2015
Sherlock - are you upset the John got married? Are you sad that you don't have a flat mate anymore?
GreasersNYoutube GreasersNYoutube Feb 08, 2015
For Sherlock: Have you ever come home and found John doing something embarrasing?
Christalan_Shippers Christalan_Shippers Feb 08, 2015
Question for Sherlock: "Do you still keep in touch with Mike Stamford and does he ship johnlock?" :)
WatsonTheHobbit WatsonTheHobbit Feb 08, 2015
Hey! I saw you sort of asked if you could do this too, and well since I do not own the idea of ask and dares in general of course you can! ;D So now my question to Sherlock: 'What do you think of Captain Jack Sparrow's thumb necklace?' XD heheheh yeah... bye!