New Blood| A Mindless Behavior Vampire Love Story

New Blood| A Mindless Behavior Vampire Love Story

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misfitnandi12 By misfitnandi12 Updated Nov 09, 2017

Wiish me good  luck my fangs!! Get it fangs and whatever on with the story!!

Yn p.o.v.
Wassup im yn,and im 17. I live in cali with my three besties Kiyah,Mira,and Brit. Im so excited cause its a new school year,and we are finally seniors! I got up,and did my hygeine stuff,and threw something on..I looked myself over,and ran down to the kitchen. I grabbed an apple,and made my way to the living room. The girls was already in there ready to go wearing ,our shit. I rolled my eyes,and grabbed my keys heading out the door.
Brit p.o.v.
We made it to the school,and i took in the senior air. Ahhhhh. This is gonna be a great year. I hopped out the car,and a few friends of ours ran up to us.

Tiffany:OMG did yal see the new kids?!

Me:Um no,what about em?

Nina:Sexy as hellllllllll

Mira:We'll be the judge of that!

We all locked our cars,and walked in the school locked arms. Me and the girls had the same homeroom,and it wasnt many people ...

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lilshortiii lilshortiii Feb 17, 2016
omg. He remind me of this boy in my Math class, my friend used to like him and she called him Juicy Lips
cmariee__ cmariee__ Jan 03, 2017
Look watch me end up with prince cuz that's how every MB vampire book goes
elishadunn917 elishadunn917 Feb 04, 2017
Right. I'm so dead right now cuz I
                              U sure did say exactly what I was thinking #Sexybitches 12
just_solar_ just_solar_ Jun 16, 2016
LoL thirsty or naw but I got to admitt she got some balls to just cone out and say it like that
just_solar_ just_solar_ Jun 16, 2016
Ahhhh yaaaaaaaaaassssss😗😗😗😗😍😍😍😍😙😚😘😎😋😋😋😋
blvckthrills blvckthrills Jun 30, 2016
aye! that's me and my cousins name! 😂 what a coincidence!