Gaara's little sister

Gaara's little sister

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TheSarcasticAngel By TheSarcasticAngel Updated Jul 09

Gaara is and probably always will be cruel towards everybody and everything.

 But what if he had a little sister named Mia besides Kankuro and Temari?

Mia is the only one who means something to Gaara. Even if Mia does not understand it, she is Gaara's only weakness.

Well, you bet that things will get interesting... Chunin Exams here I come!

I will change the story a little and so on, but the main plot stays. Please enjoy! ;)

Warning: Swearing.         Disclaimer: I own nothing except my OC.

Its not 'good'............its 'amazing'!!!! Please continue and make other stories we would love to read your other stories, thanks again for the stories :)
I already don't really like her. He only cares for her so why are you thinking he says you are weak? He's your brother so it's normal for hin to care for you lol i wished my sister would've cared for me like this
At home I was screaming.
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mimibd547 mimibd547 5 days ago
I tried to open up the picture on the app, but it crashed. I guess Wattpad can't handle Sasuke blushing 😅
I would do ANYTHING to see Gaara's big gourd *insert lenny face*