Bad Boy Ex-Bestfriend

Bad Boy Ex-Bestfriend

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Pri1810 By Pri1810 Updated Dec 19, 2017

Violet is shocked to find her ex-best friend and high school bully playing the nice card on her again.  Either he wants something, or he's just being nice. Ha. Who are we kidding, this is the schools bad boy we are talking about. He's got swag and the killer looks, but beware... he can break your heart. 

Violet fell for her former best friends charms and sweet attitude, and who wouldn't. If it meant that your used to be best friend was finally coming back to you, you'd definitely fall for it. But it turns out it was just a bet to prove that he could get any girl. Violet learned that looks can be deceiving, and to never and I mean ever, fall for the bad boy ex-best friend. 

But things take a sudden turn in their damaged relationship when Joshua requires Violets help to win over a girls heart. But this is not just any girl, this is Violets new best friend. Crystal. Through guilt, Violet helps Joshua, and she finds herself hanging out with him... a lot.

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-lunaaaaa -lunaaaaa Jun 03, 2017
does this happen in America irl?cuz I'm asian and I'm really curious about that things
bianca823 bianca823 Oct 11, 2017
She already gave her detention. Going out of her way to make this girl sit next to her bully is extremely  petty.
bianca823 bianca823 Oct 11, 2017
I'm still trying to figure out why she's still there if a teacher isn't
extrafriesnoexercise extrafriesnoexercise Oct 21, 2016
I'd rather have good grade than be a jerky and retarded 'cool kid' tbh
seralefosio1621 seralefosio1621 Dec 07, 2016
True friendship and was her and Joshua best friends before???
extrafriesnoexercise extrafriesnoexercise Oct 21, 2016
Does she mean crystal? Or is she just speaking in third person?