I'm a rogue, he's an Alpha, did I mention he's my mate?

I'm a rogue, he's an Alpha, did I mention he's my mate?

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Ok this is not a chapter, it's more like a... I forgot the name..... just read it.


**Shadows fill an empty heart 

As love is fading, 

From all the things that we are 

But are not saying. 

Can we see beyond the scars 

And make it to the dawn? 

Change the colors of the sky. 

And open up to 

The ways you made me feel alive, 

The ways I loved you. 

For all the things that never died, 

To make it through the night, 

Love will find you. 

What about now? 

What about today? 

What if you're making m-**

"Oh shut up" I groaned at the stupid alarm clock knocking it off, making it shut up.

Ahhh now I can sleep and wait till tomorrow to go to scho- HOLLY!!! SCHOOL!!!

I got up fast and got dress up, brushed my teeth, did hair and makeup in 4 minutes.

yey New record... not!

Why? Well just one word can answer that


I'm a werewolf ;)

No, we are not like the big ugly ones in Underworld, we are like the ones in New Moon, big as a ...

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ixmeliexi ixmeliexi Oct 02
Peryton_Shadow Peryton_Shadow Oct 19, 2016
What's New Moon? Is it part of the twilight saga? Somewhere, Remus Lupin is hanging his head in shame
Peryton_Shadow Peryton_Shadow Oct 19, 2016
I've never read a werewolf book before it was in my recommended section so let's see how this goes
theHalfbloodhuntress theHalfbloodhuntress Oct 07, 2016
13 and 5'7 ish. Coffee brown hair that almost goes to my hips, dark chocolate eyes.
Peryton_Shadow Peryton_Shadow Oct 19, 2016
Holly get your ungrateful àss over here we gonna learn some shît
Loyal03 Loyal03 Jun 17, 2016
Werewolves are werewolves. Turn when they're mad, turn on full moon. They are al da same to moi🙈😜