That was the most beautiful poem ever. I CANT BELIEVE ALL DA FEELZ
The thought is real. But, to plain, to rythumitic.
                                    Bring something like; I saw faces, places, visions that begged, I dared to glance, it was to light, to much was exposed...
                                    Please, don't get me wrong, you have talent but we ask need people to think, right? Peace.
I love it! It was written and styled beautifully and I understood. I understood everything. Job well done, Sir. Jolly good job well done.
This was exceptionally well-done. It isn't every day that you come across people who are passionate about good poetry. Key word being 'good,' because a lot of people can't even figure out what the hell an approximate rhyme or iambic pentameter is. Kudos to you- this was perfection.
@chloe42 nude as in exposed. in a way its a metaphor for me exposing my feelings and myself through this poem.
Nice imagery and great use of rhyme for a deep attachment to the poem.