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Guard My Body (Zarry H.S. AU)(BoyxBoy)-Continuing

Guard My Body (Zarry H.S. AU)(BoyxBoy)-Continuing

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Mayra- Zarry girl By prpflava Updated May 01

(A/N: Shout out to @IcanHazCupcake for this amazing cover.  She's such a fantastic person for doing this for me.  Love ya girl.  Thank you so much for your amazing work! :) )
Harry is a bubbly, charismatic sixteen year old who has accepted that he is gay.  He's had a crush on Zayn since he first saw him on his first day in middle school.  Niall is Harry's best friend, who will continue to stick by his side no matter what.
When two bullies take it upon themselves to hurt Harry for his choice in sexuality, everyone who cares about Harry decides he needs protection.
Louis, Harry's other best friend, approaches Zayn to ask him to be Harry's bodyguard.  Zayn is a loner and very introvert, but is known as the school's bad boy, so everyone is on board for him to be his protector.  Zayn is hesitant at first, but feels he should take the job once he meets Harry.
Once Zayn begins protecting Harry, he begins to wonder who will protect Zayn's heart from falling for the green-eyed boy?
A/N:  I absolutely love Zarry AU stories, especially high school ones, where they have to come to terms with discovering their sexuality, so I decided to take a crack at one myself.  I hope you enjoy it.  Also, I'm big on chapter dedications, so if you comment, I will make sure you will receive a chapter dedication.
Thanks for reading... Mayra :)

Reminds of of that one movie where like they pay a guy to date the girl because the sister wants a boyfriend haha ten things I hate about you? I think..
everyone mentioning passwords, mine is the date I met Shawn 0424 lmao
REM SLEEP I know this I took psychology! Whoooo, yet I'm confused which one it really is ─ all I know is RAPID EYE MOVEMENT lmao
Darkestpartofsnow Darkestpartofsnow Jul 17, 2016
Hella cute OMG 💜❤❤❤ Zaynnnn saved Harry yayy and harry is just to Damn adorable I wanna poke his cheeks 😂😂 I love the first chapter babe it was amazing And I knew it before even reading it... 💕💕💕❤❤❤❤
Mrsdenisemalik Mrsdenisemalik Jul 07, 2015
Sh*it they're making me believe that Harry imagined Zayn....
Mrsdenisemalik Mrsdenisemalik Jul 07, 2015
I always asked myself that every time I went to school. Also wondering why we never got paid for it since we're there for a lot of freaking hours...