Chains of Fate [Book II of Seize the Day]

Chains of Fate [Book II of Seize the Day]

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Book II of SEIZE THE DAY,  Winner of the 2014 Wattys Instant Addiction Award.

If you haven't read Book I, SEIZE THE DAY, please do! There are spoilers ahead!


Lannie Brackenbury never thought she would be sent on a dangerous quest to save the world. But after she discovered her destiny as a Harbinger, that idea took a drastic twist. Bestowed with abilities that she is still learning to use, Lannie is sent on a journey that will take her across Etheia, where she must negotiate a peace treaty between the magical kingdom of Eremith and the human kingdom of Nor to break the vicious cycle of slavery.

But making peace in the world of Etheia is not as easy as it seems.

Therin, the bloodthirsty Drakain that ruined Lannie's life, is still moving in the shadows, convincing the world to doubt the existence of the Harbingers. And when a terrifying beast cloaked in darkness attacks Lannie, she realizes that defeating Therin is the least of her worries. Humans and magical creatures are on the brink of another war. This time, it is far more dangerous than Lannie could ever have imagined. There is a dark force at work that is bent on destroying not only Nor, but Eremith as well.

And it will take everything that Lannie has to stop it.


Cover: Model © Ylenia Manganelli via; Background © Sean & Ashlie Nelson via; edited by me

I'm so happy that she's training for fight 😆😆😆😆😆
THERE BETTER BE A KISS IN THIS ONE KATIE. I'm counting on you girl
jnmride83 jnmride83 Mar 03
Absolutely love this book. Your first was so addicting that I finished it in three days.  Keep up f he good work.
This is the best description for a training dummy that I have ever seen!  😂
cutirpie54 cutirpie54 Jun 15
The connection between Lannie and Eden: they both use the word twit!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
DaisyCat369 DaisyCat369 Sep 11
"That girl"
                              It's at times like these that I wonder why you killed Philippa instead of this bitch