The Adventures of Rosie Evans(Marauders)

The Adventures of Rosie Evans(Marauders)

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♪ т a l ι e ♫ By NatalieTrombone Updated May 21, 2016

Crystal Rose Evans is Lily Evan's twin sister. She becomes friends with the Maraders, and becomes one. 

Editor: ArialFlute

JK Rowling owns all the characters exept for Crystal Rose and others I create.

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Hamilton333 Hamilton333 Apr 17
Your name is bitch, and that's what I'll call you whether you like it or not.
Padfoot724 Padfoot724 Apr 18
Geez, their mum must have an iron emotional tolerance. I would have fainted or called a mental home if someone came up to my door and said "hey, your daughters are magic and I'm taking them away to a school that you don't even know exists."
Wait. Doesn't that mean if Rosie got caught doing something naughty, Lily might get in trouble?
Drops_of_Creativty Drops_of_Creativty Aug 03, 2016
I would like to get this out of the way since it wasn't mentioned in the description, will there be a love interest for Rosie
Alexbeau38 Alexbeau38 Nov 27, 2016
YOU CAN'T CONJURE FOOD!!! It's against Grawp's 5 Exeption to Elemental Transefiguration.
Lizzybug32 Lizzybug32 Jan 03
Do you think he has to use shampoo and conditioner in his beard?