The Adventures of Rosie Evans(Marauders)

The Adventures of Rosie Evans(Marauders)

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Crystal Rose Evans is Lily Evan's twin sister. She becomes friends with the Maraders, and becomes one. 

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JK Rowling owns all the characters exept for Crystal Rose and others I create.

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ZeeraPotter ZeeraPotter Oct 07
Sorry but Hagrid is supposed to be a Kiddo remember He knew them!
You know muggle fireplaces are not conected to the floo-powder system, right?
I was born on Hawaii you have no idea how much this means to me
I would like to get this out of the way since it wasn't mentioned in the description, will there be a love interest for Rosie
Alexbeau38 Alexbeau38 5 days ago
YOU CAN'T CONJURE FOOD!!! It's against Grawp's 5 Exeption to Elemental Transefiguration.
Wow, you're such a great sister!  "If someone dies, I don't want it to be me!"  Wow!  I would totally want you as a sister!