Baby Boy [Interracial BoyxBoy Romance] [Prequel to Empire - discontinued]

Baby Boy [Interracial BoyxBoy Romance] [Prequel to Empire - discontinued]

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I guess you can say this story is cliche in some ways; after all, it is the story of how a popular L.A. trap lord gave his heart up for a mafia's lover (well, ex-lover, but we'll see how long that title lasts) despite the fact that trap lords don't fall in love and in fact, the person who he gave his heart to was far from the labels 'innocent' and 'heart mender'. 

Throw in some classic revenge of an ex-lover (a.k.a. ex-side chick), abuse from a sociopathic mobster, and the idea of a forbidden love based off of race, this story is pretty much 'cliche' right?

Or maybe this story isn't cliche ater all... but maybe the aspects of it are? 

My name is Luca, and this is my story of how I fell in love with a gangster who defied society's labels and fought for our twisted love that was worth it in the end...

...Or was it?

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