Woolfblood: I will always love you

Woolfblood: I will always love you

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Rhydian's pov:

I miss maddy soo much. I feel empty with out her. I mean it's been 3 whole months since I last seen her. I can barely focus in school and I'm always thinking about maddy.   

(Day dream) 
I'm waking in the woods, when suddenly I smell a wolf blood. "who's there" I say growling.  Nobody answers. I hear giggling.  I go to see what it is. It's maddy!  But who was she giggling with?  I'm about to call her name, but then some guy comes over to her and kisses her. They r both laughing and kissing. I'm crying now. I hear maddy calling my name. " Rhydian!!" "Rhydian!!"  
(End of day dream) (back in class)
"Rhydian!!" Says Mr. Jeffries.  " What?"  I say. " What's the answer? " He says like he's been waiting forever.  "Umm.... I don't know sir". I say trying to look as confused as I can. " Ok, then I'll see you after school for detention" he says as he sits back down. "Are you ok mate?"  Says tom. " Yeah I'm fine just miss mads, that's all." " so do we, but there's nothing we can...

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