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Muted Love~h.s.

Muted Love~h.s.

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The Weeknd's whore By lewisyes Updated Dec 29, 2015

I will never fit in because I was not meant to ~Cher Lloyd


Have you ever felt like the whole world was against you? Like no one around you really cares? That maybe, just maybe, if you disappeared,  no one would care about you being gone? 

Half of me hopes that other people have not gone through the struggles I have, but the other half yearns for someone who understands me and my struggles.  

 Seventh and eighth grade were the worst years of my life. I don't even want to venture there...maybe some other time. 

But I'm hoping high school will be different.  That there will be someone who understands me and accepts me for who I am. That I will not be made fun of for the silliest things. 

That I might fall in love. 

Ah, love. What exactly is love? I've never truly experienced it, unless you count the way I love my family.  But I don't want to think about loving my family, when what I want is love from someone who's just like me, but also...

I know that was an obvious response but i do even thoughit doesnt always seem like it
Same I'm fourteen too I'm bout to be fifteen in a few nonths
GirlyBunny GirlyBunny Feb 03
I can literally eat all the food in my house and gain no weight like tf!!!
bunniesinablanket bunniesinablanket Aug 02, 2016
The sun is shining, the tank is clean and we are getting out of- *gasps*...the tank is clean...THE TANK IS CLEAN!
whiteBunny00 whiteBunny00 May 20, 2016
He is 8 feet with fire for eyes and ride a unicorn come on people get it right
it's ok i went from size 5 to size 13 in 5 months. what can u do, am i right?