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The Bully An Princeton Story

The Bully An Princeton Story

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KaylahSlay By KaylahSlay Completed

This is a story about and
girl name Yn she lives in The 
West Coast Cali
She goes to Central High School
her age:17
we'll read to find out

_Layo_ _Layo_ Feb 15, 2016
...excuse me, I'm not sonic, I'm not flappy bird, I will take my time cause I got time, and hit me again it's gonna be gameover nigga
bbygxrl01 bbygxrl01 Mar 25, 2016
I would neva in my gods givin life...- like tf ...- uk wat nvm ima jus keep reading🐸☕
nniiicccc nniiicccc Feb 23, 2016
I will walk as slow as I time you touch me you bet I'm not gon take my time to beat ya ass
derreanbootytom derreanbootytom Jun 25, 2016
Mmm…I c dis mothafucka must like the taste of lead *cocks gun*🔫🔫🔫
Young_keyz Young_keyz Sep 23, 2016
Turn up on dat song mane!!! Throw some mo hooooooeeeesssss!!!
MariMonroe915 MariMonroe915 Mar 21, 2016
Couldn't be me I would have sliced him up and threw him in a dumpster🔪🔪🔪☠