Oblivious {A MiniLadd Fanfiction}

Oblivious {A MiniLadd Fanfiction}

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Dang By dafty_ Updated Jul 11, 2017

Jordan was a nerd. She played video games every free second she had, loved animals, and was a little socially-awkward. 

Her favourite youtubers were Vanoss, H2ODelirious, MiniLadd, Daithi de Nogla, etc.

Watching their videos helped her forget about the world and everyone around her. Her biggest dream she could ever think of was meeting all of them.
But when her dream comes true, there's an unexpected twist!

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-ThatOtherFangirl- -ThatOtherFangirl- Jul 10, 2017
If I'm being honest here, there's only a sliver of me that wants to meet everyone irl. It's not them of course but i dont feel like I would be good in a situation like that, I'm perfectly fine watching them behind a screen
kit32204 kit32204 Jul 23, 2017
Tell me why this story is like me in real life but not with the miniladd  thing XD lol I feel special
HidingFox HidingFox Oct 23, 2016
Really!!?? I wear underwear and a bra!!!!???? Sorry I'm being a sassy bitch now... XD foooorrrrrgivvvve meeeeeee
trynabesivan trynabesivan Aug 29, 2015
BUT if you were a cat you wouldn't care about Vanoss and Delirious AND ALL THE OTHER AWESOME YOUTUBERS!!!
EGG_FACE_ EGG_FACE_ Jul 11, 2015
I used to look exactly the same and I still do except I cut all my hair off and dyed it red cx
freelikeair freelikeair Jun 19, 2015
Use those freckles as a man magnet 
                              I have them all over my face honey don't Worry