Romano's Diary (SpaMano Hetalia)

Romano's Diary (SpaMano Hetalia)

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(Spamano!) As mentioned before, Romano has a diary that he lets his friend Prussia read. However, this is PRUSSIA we're talking about. And he has a rather famous blog.


Friend's Private Diary +

Prussia's Blog=

Things will get public....

Welcome to Romano's diary!

Phyrnn Phyrnn Oct 24
There are Prussians still roaming this world. Just look for them!
Surrrrrrrrrrre he did....
                              ///Mimi stop holding your R's
Well you just hurted Joey feeling!
                              Romano: Who the duck is Joey?
                              Not even gonna answer that .-.
Oh man... Really Prussia? Did you REALLY HAVE TO do that? XD
Where can I watch Natalia for free? I really want to. Also how many seasons?