You're Mine // Malum (BDSM)

You're Mine // Malum (BDSM)

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(Ok, I suggest doing research on what BDSM is first because it's not all sex just so you know. Or you could ask me and I'll explain a bit more. ~ Pika) (P.S I am rating this R so people don't be bitches and go and report me or any weird shit like that alright? alright.)


Will include: kinks, toys, punishments, [bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism] - (BDSM), role play, etc.

"Why should I listen to you?"

"Because you're mine, it says so on your wrist." Calum gulped and looked and looked at his wrist then Michael's. Sure enough, the barcodes and numbers matched.

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transboyclifford transboyclifford May 29, 2017
i love how chaos broke out in 2016 so 900 and something years later they finally decide to do something about it 😂😂
notmaizee notmaizee Jan 29, 2017
in 3069 there is 30% chance of the president being a plant tho
addictsanta addictsanta Jan 09, 2017
What if someone gets switch? Out of all the test i take I get switch ?¿ @Band_tees_and_pizza
marrymemikey7 marrymemikey7 Mar 10, 2016
pika... we havent talked in forever and im just reading this hai
kongbeannie kongbeannie Jan 16, 2016
Same try but I enjoy others pain anyway but you know not trying to be weird
DancingOn_Flames DancingOn_Flames Nov 26, 2015
Same I live the bdsm lifestyle and I'm a sub so it's interesting to see how other people see our lifestyle or kink