Choosing Between Two Idols | Uta No Prince Sama《Currently Being Edited》

Choosing Between Two Idols | Uta No Prince Sama《Currently Being Edited》

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Kotobuki Reiji and yourself had been friends since you were both just children, that is until he had been accepted into Saotome Academy.
Then one day after all these years he suddenly texts you to meet up with him and his band mates at a café near your apartment.  Of course you go and you now find yourself falling head over heels for two of his bandmates from Quartet Night. 
Who will you choose as your prince, the silent and angelic idol, Mikaze Ai, or the loud mouthed rocker idol, Kurosaki Ranmaru?

((This is a Mikaze Ai X Reader X Kurosaki Ranmaru))
||Story Complete as of 4/11/15||

{]I Do Not Own Uta No Prince Sama Or Any Of Their Characters[}

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Um Ai-kun...please restrain from using your laptop in my house
Jiaruizz Jiaruizz May 15, 2017
Haha Ranmaru just got hit by a STUPID chocolate bar!!! While Ai is legit so cool. GOSH I am Fangirling right now.
Jiaruizz Jiaruizz May 18, 2017
I think Syo, Haruka and..Natsuki knows. Natsuki not sure but the other two I think so. Reiji...not sure. Sorry.
Jiaruizz Jiaruizz May 18, 2017
@AnimeLoverAndMore The metal thing. I don't know. But at his back, he has a metal plate if I am not wrong.
Jiaruizz Jiaruizz May 17, 2017
@AnimeLoverAndMore Artificial Intelligence. Basically a Android. Like someone with emotions but can't understand them.
SakuraHaan SakuraHaan Feb 14
                              No one knows this but the anime I like talks in korean, and from a game ._.