Supernatural Academy

Supernatural Academy

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Maja Kovačić By MajaTheGreat Updated Aug 28, 2015

When a young human girl Hailey Newart gets bitten by a vampire near her home, her whole world is turned upside down. She wakes up changed on the edge of the forest, no longer fitting into the mold of our society. So she goes to the only school left in the US that accepts vampires, Supernatural Academy. Now, she is the Earth's most dangerous and the most extinct predator.
 Her kind is no longer welcome anywhere since The Great Hunt, in which the most was killed.

From the moment she turned, she began attracting unexplainable events, gaining powerful enemies, and finding some love along the way.


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ains246 ains246 May 06, 2017
But if her dad died under a year ago she wouldn't of had a birthday  since and she makes it sound like she has had plenty of birthdays
Gods that's not ok. Geez I know people like fitting in but that's your daughter dude! Also how does the brother suddenly not recognize her? What's wrong with being a supernatural being? And dark magic, really? It's like humanity never got out of the middle ages!
minnee_ minnee_ Jan 01
I dont get my first kiss yet
                              Well i never like someone either
                              Im 14 
                              It’s a good thing right?
anareo anareo Feb 07, 2015
Wow. very nice start of a story :) i got cills all over my body from the last part :D