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Your mum. By Awonderwallofmystery Updated Sep 27, 2015

The boys mother stood there, eyes widened and lips pulled in. 

He stood with squinted eyes, a smile tugging at his lips. 

He couldn't wait to show her his new friend. 

The mother steps forward, kneels down and places her hand on to the boys shoulder, making him flinch slightly at the strange action which shouldn't be done at this sort of moment. 

The mother sighs. A six year old boy stood in front of her with eyes as bright as gold and cheeks stuffed with happiness. 

What was she to tell him? 
How was she to tell him about the boy that wasn't even there? 

About his friend 'Dan' who doesn't exist...

And u said he's straight. Straight guys don't stare at guys that long. No homo tho lol
Confused-Cas Confused-Cas Dec 17, 2016
Why do I feel like Phil is gonna find out that Dan isn't real by making a snow angel with Dan, but when Dan stands up, there's no imprint of dans body...
*buys a truckload of tissues* time for forest fic flashbacks
I said no homo once and someone asked me, 'Aren't you a lesbian?'
Peebles_is_trash Peebles_is_trash 10 hours ago
I'm confused, if phil sees him because he's schizophrenic, how come dan can touch shït?
gopower321 gopower321 Nov 14, 2016
You know what?
                              Forget phan in teen years or adulthood. I just want childhood phan