Mr. Alpha regret rejecting me now

Mr. Alpha regret rejecting me now

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Christine Heart By Dove20 Updated Jun 26, 2017

"Welcome home" his deep husky voice that could make women drop to there knees and beg him to take them to his bed, rang through my ears, his nose sniffed my hair his other hand was around my waist holding me in place i used my hands to go to his arm that is around my neck trying to pull it away "let go of me!" i demanded i felt his hand tighten around my neck chocking me just a little i gasped loudly. "now now why would i let go of my future queen" he whispered

I was abused by my pack and family and on top of that I was bullied by many people that were human. I got rejected by my mate. He is the soon-to-be alpha of the Blood Moon.  My name is Raven wildcat; I soon found my second chance mate, but not so long after that i was taken from him. Help me, please Help me 
Come join me to save the future queen  
I say only three words
"Karma's a bitch"


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lizzysgrant lizzysgrant Feb 29, 2016
Everytime I read, the first thing that comes in my mind is Lydia lol
_raven_silvestre_ _raven_silvestre_ Jan 04, 2017
I never see people use the name Raven and that makes me sad because  that's my name.
sopheacng sopheacng Mar 27, 2016
the first one was meant to be threw and second was meant to be through...
xxXTheAllianceXxx xxXTheAllianceXxx Mar 30, 2016
I'm from Utah! Dude, vernal is seriously the most desolate town.
zoeleigh3 zoeleigh3 Feb 24, 2016
Really need to edit good story so far but really bad grammar