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Omega By trevortni Completed

Again I felt those soft lips on my own and does deep dark blue stormy eyes staring at me " Iris you know I love you right" the man with the stormy eyes and long jet black silky hair said against my skin as he devour me *moan* "yes I love you too so much it hurt to wake up" at my statement he froze and looked at me with agony in his eye , to my dismay I woke up.... may contain steamy scenarios(some fluff)   editing slowly currently editing other stories be patient i know i have grammatical errors. If you see any i hope you can ignore them if not you can always just not read my story , or better yet become my editor if it bothers you so much.or While reading you can point them out   , ill fix it right away. 
                 thank you for reading this and understanding . Hope you enjoy 

But. but. The story. You cant die, where would i get entertainment from?
HB2011 HB2011 Mar 19
The story was good. I just lost track who was saying the story. My problem with it was that it jumped years toward the end. I really would have liked to read about storms and Iris wedding.  Overall good. I would like to see Emmett with someone who has special powers.
Mgaitchines Mgaitchines May 26
Parent: "are u still breathing?" 
                              Me on the floor vomiting: "yeaa"
                              Parent : "then your fine go to school "
My grandma live she would know am faking but still let me stay in long as i keeped them A's i could miss as many days as i wanted
WriteMeDead WriteMeDead Dec 21, 2016
...if he's a ghost that haunts dreams does it mean he haunts his mom too...
PrInCeSs-LiYa PrInCeSs-LiYa Sep 03, 2016
I wish that was my momma you could be on on your death bed and she would be like take an  Advil