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Rosamond Eternal: The Jaguar Key (a shifter fantasy adventure romance)

Rosamond Eternal: The Jaguar Key (a shifter fantasy adventure romance)

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Katherine Starbird By KatherineStarbird Updated Mar 21, 2016

Rosamond has a secret: she's a jaguar shifter hiding from an eternal stalker. Rosamond wants to live an ordinary human life, but the Eternals have other plans. Her boyfriend leaves. Her friends betray her. And Gideon the Dragon demands that she use her ability to cross the planes of death to trap a powerful god in the afterlife--a god to whom Rosamond owes a debt of loyalty. To top it all, a psychopathic sorcerer poisons her with his dark magic an it's draining her life away. Someone is behind the chaos, but who? And why target her? Will Rosamond unravel the hidden mysteries before the sorcerer's lethal spell runs it course?
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DeejMiranda DeejMiranda Sep 17, 2015
Nice! Love the blurb and this first chapter! I've just posted the first chapter of my own book about witches and gods, so your story reminded me of my own. In a good way. Lol LOVE the art cover!
marylab marylab May 02, 2015
Very well written and gives a taste of interesting chapters ahead.
MichaelsonRM MichaelsonRM Apr 22, 2015
Hell of a start! Well-written! Great establishment of the characters and their unique relationship. :)
Amanda-Mae Amanda-Mae Feb 21, 2015
Former goddess dating a former linebacker in a bar. If that's not intriguing, I don't know what is. Great start!
Rthrock Rthrock Feb 18, 2015
Well written, and full of life. Great work so far, I'll be back to read more.
nebettie nebettie Feb 12, 2015
Interesting and well-written. I'm glad you won't make us wait for the next one!