Royal Pain ~ Slave to the High Royals

Royal Pain ~ Slave to the High Royals

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The day of the end was the start of the beginning for Violetta Simmons. 

She just didn't know it yet.

The War of Blood changed the world forever, changed human destiny so that at the age of 16 every individual must be sold in an auction as a slave to satisfy the vampires. Violet knew that her day had arrived, but she least expected being chosen by the arrogant prince, Aiden.

As Violet learns to cope with the whirlwind of events that unfold in Aiden's presence, she discovers that there is more to him than meets the eye, whilst untold secrets threaten to tear away her perceptions of her own past.

Thrust into a world involving a conflict between her fellow humans and the dominating vampires, Violet must choose whether she stays true to her race, or fights against them.


Highest Ranking - #7 in Vampire
Book cover designed and created by - @heartsandcrosses_

Chloe_xl Chloe_xl Apr 12, 2016
I love the way you right, really I can picture absolutely everything<3 I really love the plot, stupid me started from the second book, oops haha. Anyhow, really enjoy your book(s) I really, really love it x
IFacadeI IFacadeI Apr 21, 2016
Really enjoyed the first chapter so far. The description of the kids being sent away was powerful and left me fearful in their futures. Can't wait to read more!
PyschopathBlu3 PyschopathBlu3 May 02, 2016
I can already tell this is gonna make for such an interesting story
yolidimplesx3 yolidimplesx3 Jun 20, 2016
Although there are other stories with similar sounding plots, the way you wrote this first chapter has giving it a totally different tune in my opinion and I love it, can't wait to see where it leads 😊
WishMeLycan WishMeLycan Sep 01, 2016
Happy to find a story that doesn't seem to be written by an 8 year old
HollySama HollySama Oct 29, 2016
You are quite an amazing writer this reminds me of the format of the hunger games 
                              I'm loving this book great job so far