suicidal ➵ larry stylinson

suicidal ➵ larry stylinson

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autumn By stockholmxlarry Updated Mar 01, 2016

"it'll all be better, i'm here for you now." harry said soothingly as he rubbed the smaller boys arm. honestly, he didn't know if it'd get better, but he knew he couldn't just leave the boy.

no, he was his friend now and friends stay forever, no matter what. 

"no it doesn't" louis replied with a choked sob. harry didn't understand why life was so cruel but it was and he would try to fix it for louis, no matter what he had to do. no matter what the cost was, because for him, louis was worth it. 

warnings: self harm, anorexia, bulimia, attempted suicide, etc. 

please know what I do not, in any way, encourage self harm or suicide.

i wrote this story when i was in 7th grade. I was very childish and i was writing about something that i didn't know that much about. 

i've gotten many messages asking me to continue this story so it will be continued on @sighlyharry 

if you comment anything rude or if i take it offensively, you will be blocked.

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carl186 carl186 Aug 10, 2017
It are not rubbish. It is an awesome intro to the story. I love it.
featherylou featherylou Jul 04, 2017
he drives to school every morning while i walk alone in the rain 
                              jeez so many song references
Exiolet Exiolet Dec 30, 2016
Was just skimming through for a second to make sure this chap was appropriate (my mom wanted to see what I read on Wattpad), and I thought of the menstrual cycle when I read "first period". Lol
LostboyLouis_ LostboyLouis_ Nov 22, 2016
Describes me. But I don't self harm. I just can't stand my sleeves sliding up...
Catastrophic_Writer_ Catastrophic_Writer_ Oct 29, 2015
Um Louis is probably the sweetest most funny guy I have ever seen not  to mention he is incredibly hot. Like damn. And his voice isn't high it is a high tenor. Tenor is a boy octave. So FourlsEnough needs to chill bc Louis is fantastic person, a fantastic singer, and really hot.
larrygetswrecked larrygetswrecked Jun 01, 2015
Since she said four is better than five I guess she wanted Zayn out XD