fix you - solangelo

fix you - solangelo

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set after Blood of Olympus. nico's being oblivious, will's being obvious, and percy's just trying to help.

i'm bad at writing descriptions and this is definitely not as artsy as the cover (which isn't saying much).

thanks for taking the time to read this awkward story (also lowercase is intended and just for the description).

Well who was in the infirmary to make the nightmares better eh?
"The son of Apollo sat at his table, golden hair shining in the sunlight..."
                              For some reason I imagine Will tossing his hair in slow motion like a shampoo commercial at this point...
I feel like this isn't mentioned enough in the solangelo fan fiction world
I know Octavian did bad things but i was still kinda sad when he died
So I read three of your books separately bit didn't know they were all yours until I read not about angels and thought "she's such a good author ima follow her" imagine my surprise when I found out you wrote two of my other favorites, so thx so much for writing all of them
Please let this be a dream and Nico isn't still in tartturus