Coming Home

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Summer Leah By summerleah Updated 3 years ago
Cassie and Logan once had a perfect relationship before Logan suddenly wanted to break it off. Six months later, Cassie's brother, Jack. goes missing and she only had Logan to turn to for help. As Cassie and Logan struggle with their relationship, time is running out for Jack. 
I started reading this story a really long time ago but never finished for some reason... I am looking foward to reading it now :)) 
                                    btw: Id like it if anyone cheked out the only story Ive posted so far :)
been reading on my phone all this while and i have to say this is really full of suspense and really awesome, got my heart gripped to the edge >
This is great! Whatever happens at the end just please don't kill logan at the end! 
heyy ummm does it like just stop on chapter 36? cuz i need to read more of this if this is it then make a nother one like this!!!
this is nice oh and read my story its called it's harder than i thougt.... looke it up!!!
hey this is really good :) please could you read my story please and tell me how to improve please :) and if its good or not and vote and fan me :) x