I Can't Hate You (Kenny McCormick x Reader)

I Can't Hate You (Kenny McCormick x Reader)

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(y / n ) (l / n )
A sweet girl inside and out....unless you manage to get on her bad side.

Kenny Mccormick
The school's player, cheater, womanizer, sex god, one-night stand, you name it.
He had every gullible girl in the palm of his hands. Well, except for this one girl named (y/n). To make it worse, she is his next target. Unfortunately for him, she hates his guts.

Read about two ememies that slowly bond together. 
Is there love?

Is it cheesy?

Yes, but what's the fun in that if everything was realistic? 

Disclaimer : I don't own South Park or any SP affiliated characters, just the plot. 

Swearing; Violence; Sensitive topics;Suggested themes; Sexual jokes; Badly placed puns; Triggers; It's a South Park fanfic for crying out loud, what any less do you expect!?


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I’m post and pans and I agree, girls are very pretty. Especially that place... agh now I sound like a perv but it’s truuuuuuuueeeeeee- I mean... I’m more attracted to their heart! Yeah?
Hakin11854 Hakin11854 Jan 25
“Danish is that weird friend who was random” 
                              Me around my friends at school.
Imabird321 Imabird321 Feb 03
The Aztecs had human sacrifices regularly... I think, might have been the Mayas
When I tell the counselor/teacher/principle  ect and say some thing stupid I usually tell them "wow, you really need another job, ...nice advice..." *sarcasm*
Remember what you learned little y/n if you love someone..TO BE CONTINUED