Spiderman the new Avenger

Spiderman the new Avenger

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spiderloki123 By spiderloki123 Updated May 19, 2016

(In this story Pietro is alive and he is apart of the avengers with Wanda. Loki is also an avenger in this fan fic.)

       Spiderman has been all over the news after defeating Electro and the Goblin. Defeating them caused a part of him to die. Gwen lost her life for the sake of the city. 

    Fury has seen all of this and thinks Spiderman is a threat. Fury assembles the avengers to hunt down Spiderman. The avengers believe they are recruiting him but Fury just wants to know his secret identity. What if Peter doesn't want them to know who he is? Peter can't trust them. Peter gets an internship at the Stark tower to get to know the avengers. What will happen when the avengers find out Peter is Spiderman?

Omg, I high five to everyone who sang that not read it.  
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superheroesunited superheroesunited Jun 13, 2016
I've wrote a story like this it would be cool if you could check it out please thanks for your help
MagicPB MagicPB Nov 28, 2016
I hope there is no shipping . Cause it ruins the story for me. But of course past relationship can I guess