Alpha Roman

Alpha Roman

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Meet Alpha Maximus Roman, a depressed man with a broken heart. After the betrayal of his first love and mate, Cairo, he becomes angry at the world. Despite being quite outgoing and charismatic, he kills people with the flick of his wrist and shows no remorse. He's a cold-blooded killer, and a supernatural one at that.

Maximus has always rolled with the punches, but when he is gifted a second-chance mate, he revolts in anger. Though he may not want her, he eventually falls for her, the balance of his destructive life teetering on the edge. And with the sudden reappearance of an old enemy, Maximus is in for the time of his life.

[I wrote this two years ago, so it is definitely not a work of art, be prepared for plot holes.]

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uberbooms uberbooms Aug 20, 2017
Is it wrong for me to be happy that there is finally a female henchmen
gurnoor__ gurnoor__ Dec 19, 2017
I love how his name is Quincy but the third point of view keeps calling him quinton
autumnfilly autumnfilly Sep 15, 2017
YAY I'm so happy there's a female torturer!! It's always only males and that's so sexist.
_NAHFAM_ _NAHFAM_ Aug 26, 2017
This is random, but I'm always random...
                               #PENIS for life bitches!
delicatefirebeard delicatefirebeard Dec 27, 2017
Dear, waiter any person who can afford  to eat in a place like this is important.
Aishjw Aishjw Aug 20, 2017
I think it means 'tears' as in rips/cuts in the jacket, not 'tears' crying